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Effective training in giving feedback on clinical skills

Tropical Medical Training (TMT) is a General Practice training organisation based in Townsville with learners all over Far North Queensland. External clinical teaching visits (ECTV) are a key component of the workplace training model for GP’s. They provide formative assessment and give the learners the opportunity to benchmark their performance based on feedback. The visits are a 3 hour session with an experienced GP from another practice. The visitor ‘sits in’, or observes the GP registrar during consultations and provides feedback at the end of each consultation. At the end of the session the visitor prepares a written report and rates the registrar’s performance.

TMT services the whole of Far North Queensland; this is a vast area that is more than areas of NSW and Victoria combined. Travel for training is often just not possible or practical. TMT needed a more flexible solution for training new ECT visitors and refreshing the skills of existing visitors. One of the challenges of the rating system used by TMT is how different visitors interpret the ratings and the required levels of performance. Providing feedback that enhances learning is also a complex interpersonal skill.




The learning model also includes a follow up Virtual Classroom session with new ECT visitors to answer questions.

TMT have a solution that overcomes the problems of training and supporting new ECT visitors across a huge region. It is flexible and allows for onboarding of single new ECT visitors and provides affordable refresher trainer for existing ECT visitors. The learning design is effective, active and allows for the practice of new skills in a safe environment.