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Increasing the capacity of GP practices for workplace learning

During 2014 the Federal Government announced an increase in the number of General Practitioner training places for 2015, and is expected to continue to rising. Australian General Practitioner training is practice based and as a result practices may need to take on more General Practice Registrars. Tropical Medical Training a training organisation in Queensland needed to look at engaging with more General Practices in Northern Queensland. They were also interested in finding out how the teaching and learning takes place in different practices and what their teaching capacity was. Sprout Labs has been working with TMT to help solve this problem, which lead to a two staged project.


Stage 1: Research into GP capacity

TMT had already conducted a survey of the practice characteristics and Sprout Labs assisted in the data analysis. Sprout Labs conducted a literature review and interviewed a number of General Practitioner’s about their approaches to teaching within their practice.


Stage 2: Resource  - Why Teach

The second stage of the project was the development of online planning tool and resource.  The experience is organised around a series of six fictional case studies.





Who is Tropical Medical Training

Tropical Medical Training (TMT) is a General Practice training organisation based in Townsville. TMT supports General Practices and General Practice registrars throughout Northern Queensland. Sprout Labs has worked with Tropical Medical Training on several different projects.