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RBF Compliance and Review eLearning Modules


RBF requires its employees and board members to undertake training every 12 months to ensure that their knowledge is up to date, re-confirming their competence through the completion of learning checks and quizzes. They have a small learning and development team with very limited time to develop training in house. Much of the information in the existing modules was out of date and not in a format that could be easily updated, and in any case was merely a copy of information from policy guidance notes – hardly an appropriate format for engaging learners.
As modules had to be repeated every 12 months, many employees resented having to work through a full module when they were already familiar with the content and their responsibilities.




By working closely with the client, who managed communication with the subject matter experts, we developed a coordinated set of 14 learning modules which met the business’s needs (ensuring all staff were up to date with records to indicate their competence) and the learners’ needs (able to prove competence without working through a full learning module, undertaking an engaging learning experience which placed policy and procedures in action, and the opportunity to learn actively).
This suite of modules will serve as a model for future eLearning development at RBF, both in instructional design and visual presentation. The client also received training in how to maintain and make minor updates to the modules.
The software used to develop the eLearning modules was determined in negotiation with the client. All files were handed over to ensure that the client did not feel locked into any one service provider. While the L&D manager might not have the skills or time to re-edit sections of video, the files are there for use with any service provider.