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Using video to flip an orientation program

Tropical Medical Training’s (TMT) intake of Registrars continues to grow each year.  A large number of Registrars practice in rural or remote locations and only have a limited time available for face to face workshops and training that takes away time spent with patients. Orientation face to face workshops mainly focus on administrative aspects of the program. This is not the best use of the limited face of face training time available.


Sprout Labs worked with TMT to develop an online orientation to Tropical Medical Training. For this particular learning need we decided to use a ‘flipped classroom approach’; Information is provided before the face to face workshops. The video based resource was developed in Sprout Labs customised content management system Glasshouse.





As well the TMT orientation, Sprout Labs have also developed a checklist resource for Registrars. The checklist resource is for Registrars to understand what they need to familiarise themselves with before starting at a new practice.

 Now face to face workshop don’t need to be used for administration information and can focus on learning experiences that are best completed face to face. Registrars are now able to complete their orientation before they start working in a practice, without having to wait until a face to face workshop.


Who is Tropical Medical Training

Tropical Medical Training (TMT) is a General Practice training organisation based in Townsville. TMT supports General Practices and General Practice registrars throughout Northern Queensland. Sprout Labs has worked with Tropical Medical Training on several different projects.