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Cost per year:

Cost per user:

The amounts are in Australian dollars.

This LMS pricing calculator is based on Sprout Labs’ standard costing for Totara Learn. It’s for a subscription based cloud hosted service.For Sprout Labs Totara Learn clients who have a subscription of 3000 or more users, we include:

  • a subscription to Glasshouse – a next generation content platform 
  • Learning Locker – an open source learning record store. 

We use highly secure Australian based data centres that are on the Australian Government's cloud services panel. We can also host our learning technologies in other data centres around the world.

LMS costs – other factors

When it comes to the costs of an LMS there are some variables to consider:

  • amount of support required
  • the type of support e.g. administrator, end-user
  • service level agreements
  • the number of users who can access the server at once – concurrent users.

LMS pricing calculator – what’s not included

This pricing calculator doesn’t include setup cost such as:

  • integration with your HR systems
  • setting up single sign-on
  • data migration
  • visual theming
  • training and other advisory and consulting services.

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