eLearning events

How to shift to a performance ecosystem

During the webinar, you learn how to transition to a performance-based learning approach, engage stakeholders effectively, and align your strategies with real-world outcomes.

Empowering learning with AI: A new era for L&D

How can learning and development professionals harness the power of AI to transform traditional learning methods, while effectively managing privacy and security concerns?

Building long-lasting skills: How spaced learning and Glasshouse can help

Discover the benefits of spaced learning with Glasshouse. In this webinar learn how to build long-lasting skills, combat the forgetting curve, and create effective learning programs.

Designing learning ecosystems to foster innovation and growth

Unleash your people's creativity and drive growth in the age of AI. Learn effective strategies to foster innovation and continuous improvement in your organisation with our learning ecosystem model. Discover how to create a culture of continuous learning, experimentation and risk-taking.

Mini demo: Painless workplace assessments using Glasshouse

During the demo, you will learn how to author, complete and report on checklists for workplace assessments in the Sprout Labs platform Glasshouse.

The Assessment Summit

The Assessment Summit brings together some of the world’s most accomplished learning experts to share a smorgasbord of practical, actionable advice on assessment in early October 2022.

Increasing engagement with your content library

Resources from past Sprout Labs events, conferences recordings, ebooks and more

How to solve your upskilling problems by designing learning ecosystems

During the webinar, you will learn how to solve your upskill problems by designing learning ecosystems.

A guide to disrupting L&D - lessons from tech companies

During the webinar, you will learn about how to apply lessons from learning and work cultures in tech companies to your organisations.

Accelerating your learning ecosystems with Totara Talent Experience Platform

During this webinar, discover what a learning ecosystem is and how the Totara Talent Experience Platform can be used to accelerate your learning culture.