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Sprout Labs builds digital learning platforms that enable organisations to author, deliver and measure high-impact digital learning ecosystems


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Get started with digital learning: Sprout Labs

Get started with digital learning

Our ecosystem of learning platforms work together so you can build, deliver and measure learning anywhere at any time.

Transform the impact of your digital learning

Create responsive, engaging learning experiences with our platforms – this includes spaced learning, microlearning, content curation and social learning.

Transform the impact of your digital learning: Sprout Labs

Great learning isn’t just about technologies: Sprout Labs

Great learning isn't just about technologies

We help you develop the capabilities to design and build great learning experiences.

Modernise, update and replace your learning technologies

Are you working with outdated learning technologies?

We can help modernise, update or replace your learning technologies with open, flexible and affordable systems.

Modernise, update and replace your learning technologies: Sprout Labs

Measure your learning and make data-driven decisions: Sprout Labs

Measure your learning and make data-driven decisions

Our learning ecosystem supports experience API/xAPI (also called Tin Can API), which means you can collect rich, detailed data about what your learners are doing online and offline.

The current state of workplace learning as we see it

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Workplace learning is broken. Most organisations are not getting the results they need from their learning programs.

Some of the reason for this are:

  • Our workplaces are rapidly becoming more complex and most people are not learning fast enough
  • The complexity of the decisions that need to be made in the workplace is increasing
  • eLearning has not fully realised its potential for transforming learning

Experiential learning concepts like the 70:20:10 framework are beginning to make a difference. Learning at work needs to reflect the natural way we learn, it needs to restore our curiosity, and it needs to support our desire to learn with others.

To achieve this, workplace learning needs different tools and a different way of thinking. Sprout Labs is helping you design, develop and deliver learning ecosystems to change how people learn at work.


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Insights into learning while working


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Learning While Working podcast - Employability skills for the future of work


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Webinar: How to implement an LMS

An interactive webinar about how to implement a learning management system.

Employability skills for the future of work

In this episode you will learn from Paul Kearney about the importance of employability skills and how to develop them in your people. Paul has a deep, rich understanding of how people learn, and has been exploring how to develop these types of skills for close to 30 years.

Webinar - Developing a digital mindset for L&D

An interactive webinar that will help you develop a digital mindset to able to disrupt learning in your organisation.


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