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Sprout Labs builds digital learning platforms that enable organisations to author, deliver and measure high-impact digital learning ecosystems


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Get started with digital learning: Sprout Labs

Get started with digital learning

Our ecosystem of learning platforms work together so you can build, deliver and measure learning anywhere at any time.

Transform the impact of your digital learning

Create responsive, engaging learning experiences with our platforms – this includes spaced learning, microlearning, content curation and social learning.

Transform the impact of your digital learning: Sprout Labs

Great learning isn’t just about technologies: Sprout Labs

Great learning isn't just about technologies

We help you develop the capabilities to design and build great learning experiences.

Modernise, update and replace your learning technologies

Are you working with outdated learning technologies?

We can help modernise, update or replace your learning technologies with open, flexible and affordable systems.

Modernise, update and replace your learning technologies: Sprout Labs

Measure your learning and make data-driven decisions: Sprout Labs

Measure your learning and make data-driven decisions

Our learning ecosystem supports experience API/xAPI (also called Tin Can API), which means you can collect rich, detailed data about what your learners are doing online and offline.



Sprout Labs: Learning While Working Virtual Conference July 17-18 2018

Get insights from some of world's top L&D experts, without leaving your office.

About the event

The Learning While Working virtual conference is a full day of virtual events, bringing together experts from around the world to share actionable advice on learning design, learning analytics, digital learning, social learning, continuous learning cultures and much more.

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Insights into learning while working


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Learning While Working podcast - Employability skills for the future of work



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Upcoming events:

How to make your elearning more engaging - webinar

Most digital learning has failed to meet its promise of being more effective and engaging. Too much is nothing but content with minimal interactions. People often complain about eLearning being boring and unengaging but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Designing digital learning with the 70:20:10 learning model - online workshops

 Workplaces are changing and L&D is struggling to keep up with new ways of working and the digital technologies that accompany them. The adoption of the 70:20:10 learning model is one way to increase learning in the flow of work and to increase the effectiveness of blended learning programs. Digital...

The eLearning Superhuman program

A common question that people who are new to eLearning ask is, ‘What skills do I need to make great eLearning?’ Designing high-impact eLearning is a ‘Renaissance skill’. it takes a complex mixture of instructional design, visual communication design and media design.