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Learning While Working Podcast - A podcast for learning and development (L&D) people.

Listen to the Learning While Working podcast to hear how learning and development is transforming. The episodes are interviews with leading thinkers in learning. Common themes on the podcast include trends in eLearning and digital learning, performance driven instructional and learning design and learning data. Each podcast is packed with ideas, tips and insights about how to make learning at work succeed.


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Learning while working podcast archive

Interviews from LearnX - The power of open source software in L&D with Richard Wyles

Richard Wyles, the CEO of Totara Learn, and Robin talk about how open source learning platforms means learning platforms can be more flexible and customised to meet the needs of an evolving organisation.

Interviews from LearnX - Using human-centred design to rethink learning with Justin Sterns

Justin Sterns from Allens and Robin talk about using using human-centred design to rethink learning to meet the needs of employees.

Interviews from LearnX - The state of L&D in Australia with Con Sotidis from Kineo

Con Sotidis from Kineo and Robin talk about the state of L&D in Australia.

Interviews from LearnX - Using a Learning Record Store to share data between healthcare organisations with Robert LoPresti

Robin and Robert talk about how Austin Health is using xAPI to share learning data between hospitals.

Interviews from LearnX - Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in L&D with Peter Clowes

Peter Clowes from MAXART talks about how they have been using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in L&D.

Interviews from LearnX - Transitioning L&D from being compliance focused to being a value creator with Terrena Hooper

Terrena Hooper talks about her journey at Sodexo where L&D has gone from being compliance focused to being a value creator for the organisation.

Interviews from LearnX - How do managers really learn with Owen Ferguson

Owen Ferguson from GoodPractice talks about some of their findings from their research into how managers learn.

Interviews from LearnX - Is your decision making dangerous with Michelle Gibbings

Michelle Gibbings and Robin talk about the future of work and the importance of decision making.

Interviews from LearnX - Transforming learning with Virtual Reality with Mark "Squiz" Squirrell

Squiz and Robin talk about how Virtual Reality can be used to simulate experiences in the classroom that accelerate employees’ learning and create more business impact.

Interviews from LearnX - Trends in digital learning with Brenden Carter

Robin and Brendan Carter talk about trends in digital learning, including microlearning, virtual reality, learning campaigns and xAPI.

Design thinking and learning: The mindsets needed for design thinking, with Huddle

In this podcast we dive deep into the mindsets that are needed for design thinking with Kylie Savage and Caitlyn Cook from Huddle.

Design thinking and learning: Designing thinking and instructional design, with Connie Malamed

In this third podcast in the design thinking and learning series, we explore the relationship between the processes of design thinking and instructional design.

Design thinking and learning: Learning experiences from a service design viewpoint, with Simon Goodrich

In this next podcast in series on design thinking and learning, we’re talking with Simon Goodrich from Portable Studios. It’s interesting to hear an outsider's viewpoint on learning systems such as learning management systems and his thoughts on more lightweight approaches to learning systems.

Design thinking and learning: Why is design thinking important to L&D, with Arun Pradhan

The first interview in the design thinking and learning podcast series is with Arun Pradhan, on why design thinking is important to L&D at the moment.

Employability skills for the future of work

In this episode you will learn from Paul Kearney about the importance of employability skills and how to develop them in your people. Paul has a deep, rich understanding of how people learn, and has been exploring how to develop these types of skills for close to 30 years.

How to link performance and learning, using gamification and microlearning

In this podcast you will hear about how GamEffective has linked workplace performance with learning, using microlearning and gamification.

An interview with JD Dillon about continuous learning

In this interview, Robin talks with JD Dillon about continuous learning and how it links with personalised learning.

Practice and feedback for deeper learning

Dr Patti Shank is a leader in evidence-based learning. We're excited about the release of her book Practice and feedback for deeper learning, and Patti is our guest on this episode of the Learning While Working podcast. Robin and Patti discuss the need for more research in L&D, the importance of practice and feedback for deeper learning, and the different between shallow learning and deep learning.

Designing learning dashboards

This episode is for learning professionals who are ready to dive deeper into their learning data. Robin speaks with Stewart Rogers from Lambda Solutions about framing your learning analytics with visual dashboards.

Data driven learning design and digital body language

As learners, do we have our own digital body language and can this be tracked and measured for learning outcomes? Learning strategist Lori Niles-Hofmann talks on the podcast in a discussion about her approach to data driven learning design, which begins with a few very simple steps.

Content curation: what L&D can learn from journalism

In this episode, Sprout Labs digital producer and former journalist Tracey Grady grabs the mic and joins Robin in a discussion about audiences, journalism in the digital age, and content that is 'learner-worthy'—did Robin just coin a new phrase?

Content curation for learning: beyond the basics

We continue our focus on content curation, this time with Jeevan Joshi from LearnD. An avid curator of podcast content, Jeevan takes us through his pro tips for content curation and explains how well-curated content can help with retention of learning.

What learning can learn from marketing

Marketing is often focused on delivering messages that evoke particular emotions. Can learning campaigns use a similar approach? Mike Taylor from Mindset Digital talks about the lessons that learning can adopt from marketing.

Content curation: streams of learning

Stephen Walsh, co-founder of Anders Pink, joins Robin to talk about the biggest learning eco-system, which can benefit a company's learning resources and which is right at everyone's fingertips: the Internet. But as Stephen explains, careful content curation is key.

Digital Workplaces and Collaboration

Dr Melissa Bordogna returns to the Learning While Working podcast to discuss social learning and collaboration in the workplace. It's also worth listening to our previous discussion with Melissa on The Future of Work.

What does xAPI mean for instructional designers?

Megan Torrance from TorranceLearning discusses xAPI and how it can bring instructional designers back to the roots of focusing on learning performance.

The future of learning: Why xAPI is important

Shelly Blake-Plock from Yet Analytics joins Robin on the podcast and talks about how xAPI's data recording reveals streams of experience in learning, and the broad scope of possibilities for the future of learning.

Social learning and xAPI learning systems

What is social learning, and what new opportunities can be opened up when social learning is introduced to the workplace? On the Learning While Working podcast, Ben Betts from HT2 Labs dives into social learning and how it can be used with data analysis for more valuable learning outcomes.

What can L&D learn from marketing

What can digital marketing teach us about learning? Karen Moloney from The eLearning eXperts shares the surprising parallels that she has discovered between the two fields.

Nick Stephenson - What is xapiapps?

Nick Stephenson from xapiapps discusses the benefits of data capture in getting the most out of the learning experience.

The Future of Work

What happens if predictions that technology and automation will make jobs obsolete on a large scale in a few years turn out to be true? Dr Melissa Bordogna joins Robin on the podcast to discuss what role learning has in the jobs landscape of the future. Be sure to catch our follow-up podcast with Melissa on Digital Workplaces and Collaboration.

xAPI and Totara

Hamish Dewe from Orion Health joins the Learning While Working podcast to outline some of the practical applications of xAPI and Totara Learning Management Systems in a company with a global reach.

The evolution of xAPI with Andrew Downes

This is the second podcast in our series on xAPI. Andrew Downes from Watershed LRS talks about the evolution of xAPI.

Introduction to xAPI with Andrew Downes

An interview with Andrew Downes from Watershed LRS about xAPI.

Beyond compliance: getting home safe and well

An interview with Michael Roberts from IPM Consulting. Michael explains how his company looks past the compliance model of learning to engage people and achieve results.

Virtual reality and storytelling

Ben McEwing from Carben returns to the Learning While Working podcast and talks with Robin about the emerging role of VR as a storytelling and learning tool.

How to write amazing digital learning resources

A discussion with Clint Smith and Graeme Kirkwood, instructional designers who work with Sprout Labs, and Bruce Ransley, a technical writer we work with. Clint, Graeme and Bruce share their experiences in writing learning programs and offer some valuable advice for designing the best learning experiences.

Powerful storytelling and workplace learning

An interview with professional storyteller Ben McEwing from Carben about storytelling as a tool in eLearning.

Transmedia and Blended Learning

This is an interview with Mick Gwyther and Erin McCuskey from Yum Studio about the relationship between transmedia storytelling and blended learning.

What is broken with eLearning?

An interview with Matt Smith from Pure Learning about some of the issues facing eLearning professionals today.

Increasing business agility with open source learning systems

An interview with Lars Hyland, Chief Commercial Officer at Totara Learning Solutions, about how business and learning agility can be increased by using open-source learning systems.

Trends from DevLearn plus game design for learning

An interview with Warren Mara from Sysdoc begins with a discussion about trends from this year's DevLearn conference and moves into a discussion about game design for learning.

A case study on the use of blended performances supports

An interview with Melanie Hawkins from BECA about a project that she has been working on which is a great example of a learning ecosystem.

Activating learning with the 70-20 tool

An interview with Kathy Granger from Fort Hill Company about their online tool 70-20 and how it can be used to activate learning.

The manager's role in learning transfer

An interview with Shaun Sheldrake from Growability about the manager's role in learning transfer.

Powerful questions to ask when designing performance-focused learning

An interview with Clint Smith from LearnWorks about questions that an instructional designer needs to ask to design performance-focused learning.

My Favourite Learning Word: Impact

A short podcast from Robin about his favourite learning word.

Designing workplace learning activities

An interview with Graeme Kirkwood, one of Sprout Labs' Instructional Designers, about designing guides to help managers with planning workplace learning and coaching conversations.

What needs to be done before you start a storyboard

An interview with Anna Sabramowicz, Co-Founder of Elearner Engaged, about what an instructional designer needs to do before they start a working on a storyboard.