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What we do

What we do

The world of working and learning is changing rapidly. One of the major barriers most organisations face is out of date technologies that are not ready to help you develop your people for the future.

Sprout Labs can:

  • Help your organisation to get started in digital learning
  • Help you build effective and engaging digital learning
  • Help you update your learning technologies
  • Increase the impact of digital learning in your organisation

Do you need advice on how to get started or how to improve your digital learning?

Sprout Labs’ founder and director Dr Robin Petterd works with LearnD to offer advisory services in areas of digital learning, including learning ecosystem design.


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We take an ecosystem approach to learning technologies.


Sprout Labs’ platforms can be used together or separately with other platforms. For instance, Glasshouse content can be used with any LMS.




measurement using an learning record store

Glasshouse is a next generation cloud based eLearning authoring tool that:

  • Focuses on the responsive display of learning across all platforms
  • Supports collaboration including online review
  • Integrates basic social learning
  • Enables you to deliver spaced learning campaigns

In the past, Glasshouse has been available only to Sprout Labs clients. We are currently in the process of launching Glasshouse as a piece of software as service.

Totara Learn

Totara Learn is a version of Moodle designed for challenges for enterprise learning. It includes powerful, flexible reporting and features for the management of compliance training.

Totara Social Totara Social is an open enterprise social learning system.

Because we think learning measurement is important, we include the open version of Learning Locker for all our Glasshouse and Totara clients.
Glasshouse will have free and paid levels of subscription.
All Sprout Labs Totara Learn subscriptions above 1000 learners include a team subscription of Glasshouse.

Great digital learning is not just about technology

Services that Sprout Labs offers to help ensure our platforms are a success in your organisation:

icon technical


Single sign-on integration
Integration with your HR and other systems
Data migrations
xAPI integration
Integration with Business Intelligence tools
Customisation of Totara Learn and Totara Social and Glasshouse
Hosting in a highly reliable, secure data centre
Support of on-premise install of Totara Learn
Custom learning dashboards
Learning analytics including the application of machine learning and predictive analytics to learning data
Support and help desk services for your admin, content authors and end users

icon capability dev

Capability development for your L&D team

Content authoring in Totara
Administration of Totara
Instructional design basics
eLearning development
Design thinking for L&D
Learning design for the 70:20:10 learning model
Facilitation of social learning
Virtual classroom facilitation



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