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Learning while working workking virtual conferece

Get insights from some of world's top L&D experts, without leaving your office.

About the event

The Learning While Working virtual conference is a full day of virtual events, bringing together experts from around the world to share actionable advice on learning design, learning analytics, digital learning, social learning, continuous learning cultures and much more.

When - July 18th in Australia and the UK/July 17th in the US 

Sessions times that work for you, no matter where you are in the world.


Some of the presenters - more to be confirmed soon


Robin Petterd

Founder, Sprout Labs


Patti Shank

Patti Shank

Founder, Learning Peaks

How Memory Affects Learning

mike taylor

Mike Taylor

Mindset Digital

A Few Things L&D Should Steal From Marketing

lori niles hoffman

Lori Niles-Hoffman

CLO, Fuse Digital

Brewing the Perfect Blended Learning Project

connie malamed

Connie Malamed

eLearning Consultant

Crash Course in Visual Design

JD Dillon

JD Dillon

CLO, Axonify

How to Get Started With Adaptive Learning

arun pradhan

Arun Pradhan

Founder, Learn2LearnApp.com

Enabling Learning Agility & Innovation

ben mcewing

Ben McEwing

Founder, Carben

WorkPl>ysVR (Bringing virtual reality into work experience)

emma weber

Emma Weber

CEO/Founder, Lever - Transfer of Learning

Super charging your Learning Transfer with AI

anna sabramowicz

Anna Sabramowicz

Founder, Elearner Engaged

eLearning Scenario Design

david hegarty

David Hegarty

Principal Consultant, LearnD

A Practical Guide to Optimising Your Learning Ecosystem

karen moloney

Karen Moloney

Founder/Director, Learning eXperts

Working Out Loud with Video

lars hyland

Lars Hyland

CLO, Totara Learning

Building a Learning Community

clint smith

Clint Smith

Director, LearnWorks


matt smith

Matt Smith

CEO, Pure Learning

Understanding how to use eLearning

melanie hawkins

Melanie Hawkins

L&D Business Partner, Beca

Performance supports, micro learning and the 70:20:10 model

michael roberts

Michael Roberts

Managing Director/Founder, IPM


mick gwyther

Mick Gwyther

Learning Director, Yum Studio

Facilitating social learning:training and building a community of learners

nick stephenson

Nick Stephenson

CEO, xapiapps


paul kearney

Paul Kearney

Principal Consultant, Enterprise Design


shaun sheldrake

Shaun Sheldrake

Director, Growability

Engaging Leaders/Managers to Make Learning Stick

Jeevan Joshi

Jeevan Joshi

Principal Consultant, LearnD

Agile in learning


Graeme Kirkwood

Learning Consultant, Sprout Labs


stephen walsh

Stephen Walsh

CEO, Anders Pink

How Content Curation Enables Continuous Learning

ben betts

Ben Betts

CEO, HT2 Labs

Measuring the Value of Social Learning

andrew downes

Andrew Downes

Consultant, Watershed LRS

Introduction to Learning Analytics

How to Get Started with Learning Analytics


bernadette o'connor

Bernadette O'Connor

Executive Director, Management Governance Australia

WorkPl>ysVR (Bringing virtual reality into work experience)


warren mara

Warren Mara

Global Innovation Lead, Sysdoc

Games For Learning and Culture Change

john stericker

John Stericker

Senior Consultant, Learning Plan

To Mobile, or not to Mobile

melissa bordogna

Melissa Bordogna

Founder KatalysisX

Developing Workforces for the Jobs of Tomorrow - L&D in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Stewart Rogers

Stewart Rogers

VP Products, Lambda Solutions

Analyzing Data for the Continuous Delivery of Engaging Courses

Michelle Ockers

Michelle Ockers

L&D Strategist, The Learning and Performance Institute

Preparing L&D to create value with 70:20:10

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