Leading change in hybrid work environments with Amanda Page

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Episode summary

Amanda Page joins the show to discuss the possibilities of leading change in hybrid work environments. Amanda Page is a change expert and coach. She works with leaders across different industries to accelerate change. Tune in as we unpack strategies for change management, building a sense of belonging in the workplace, setting boundaries, and change management training.

About Amanda Page

As a certified coach and change expert, Amanda supports leaders, teams and individuals who are seeking to unlock their passion and potential. She helps them find new ways, drop old habits and create new rituals that will create momentum and establish new rhythms for success. With a successful career in Fortune 100 high-tech organisations, she has also developed a keen understanding of the key levers needed to successfully transition and transform. She is the founder of Change Tempo, with a mission to make change easier for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • How can leaders best navigate change? The principles of change leadership are about being very clear about the outcome of where everyone's going. If not, members of the team can feel isolated and unheard.
  • It’s important to understand our stress response: The Change Cycle helps demonstrate the different stages of change. It brings an opportunity to be more proactive, creative, collaborate and engage with people.
  • The role of Change Managers: they help everyone in the organisation build healthy relationships with change. It is an organisational change imperative where they go beyond just a presentation. People who are responsible for the change management plan need to focus as much on the change management plan for managers as they do for employees.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 01:53 The possibilities of leading with change
  • 05:01 Creating a sense of belonging when working remotely
  • 06:37 How to successfully navigate change in organisations
  • 11:35 Understanding people’s relationships with stress and change
  • 13:14 Addressing the gap many managers have in their capabilities around change
  • 19:48 Building equal relationships and the people-side of business
  • 22:55 What to do with unexpected change in the workplace
  • 26:26 How L&D managers can help support the change process

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