Embracing AI for learning design with Rustica Lamb

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Episode summary

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast Rustica Lamb and Robin explore how to leverage AI as a powerful tool to enhance your productivity and creativity, learn how to effectively prompt, and stay conscious of the ethical implications of AI in the learning and working sphere. 

She has recently run the Elab AI program, which aimed to introduce a series of AI tools to learning professionals. It tested and evaluated various AI tools and discovered their potential to save significant amounts of time for learning designers.

About Rustica Lamb

Rustica Lamb is a hands-on learning professional who is passionate about experimenting with new technologies and exploring how they can transform learning.  She is the founder of Bloom Learning Technologies, an international award-winning learning technologies company that is bringing the cost of elearning way, way down. They help organisations create engaging learning experiences, whilst supporting the business and budget goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Learning Designers can save about 40-60 hours per month through AI tools. By using this saved time, L&D professionals can focus on improving quality and fostering creativity. It  is important to remember that AI does not replace the expertise and insights of learning designers, so there needs to be human involvement along the process.
  • Embracing AI in workplace learning is crucial for staying relevant, and Rustica points out that it is similar to the transition from traditional to e-learning.
  • There is a need for expert guidance and coaching when using AI, to ensure accurate and reliable results from AI systems and maximising their potential in learning design.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 00:00 The importance of spending time playing with the tools
  • 01:19 What is the eLab.ai program?
  • 02:23 Key takeaways and insights from eLab.ai
  • 04:13 Why humans won’t be replaced by AI
  • 06:41 Generating the ‘core skeleton’
  • 11:25 Where creativity sits in the world of AI
  • 15:25 The importance of coaching
  • 18:23 Rustica’s greatest gem of wisdom about using AI tools for learning design

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