Making sense of AI – Implementing AI in L&D with Markus Bernhardt

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Episode summary

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Markus Bernhardt explores AI discussions with learning technology vendors, and the important topics of understanding the different types of AI being deployed and the value they add. We also touch on the critical role of training data and its reliability in AI solutions, and the rush toward generative AI and its impact on long-term strategic thinking.

About Markus Bernhardt

As a Fellow of the Learning Performance Institute (LPI) and member of both the Forbes Technology Council and HBR Advisory Council, Markus Bernhardt is recognised as a global authority for AI and Learning. Markus is an accomplished author, panellist, and speaker. His leadership experience as CEO spans the direction of a for-profit educational institution as well as the stewardship of a charitable educational institution in the UK, with significant contributions in both executive and non-executive board roles.

Key Takeaways

  • Discerning between generative and non-generative AI deployment is essential for understanding AI's contribution to learning. It is beneficial for instructional designers, expediting tasks like summarising content, crafting questions, and facilitating collaboration with subject matter experts.
  • The ideal landscape has AI-powered tools that offer real-time support, drawing from an organisation's internal data to provide personalised performance assistance.
  • Adaptive learning journeys emerge as an exciting application, using AI to tailor learning experiences to individual strengths and weaknesses, thus enhancing learning outcomes.  

Segmented time stamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:38 Navigating the marketplace for technologies and solutions for the learning space 
  • 05:22 The impact of the ‘sudden’ rush of AI
  • 09:46 Internal training of data
  • 15:23 The way we work with language models in organisations and workplaces
  • 19:13 interesting AI applications in L&D at the moment

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