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10 Takeaways from the ElNet elearning Project Management Adventures Congress

Here are my top"”almost random"”takeaways and summaries from the eLearning Project Management Adventures Workplace Learning Congress. 

Sprout Lab consortium wins a LearnX blended learning award

A consortium led by Hobart company Sprout Labs has won a prestigious LearnX Learning and Technology Impact Award for the work they have done for federal government agency IP Australia.

What is learning design?

A learning design map for the RPET project. This month the Learning Café topic is "Learning Design - is it delivering the promise?" The basic premise is that learning design in the corporate world is underachieving. In the corporate world of learning I haven't heard much talk about learning design.

ID Drops - a mobile card deck to inspire creative instructional design.

Text by Kirsty Sharp, Robin Petterd and also incorporates text from the Oblique Strategies cards by Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Here are some upcoming events. I'll be talking at some; others are Sprout Labs hosted events.

eLearning for workplace learning: e-nable workforce development

How to use eLearning to Accelerate learning, Assist knowledge capture and sharing, Increase your organisation's agility and performance and grow on-the-job workplace learning in your organisation.