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Content curation: streams of learning

Stephen Walsh, co-founder of Anders Pink, joins Robin to talk about the biggest learning eco-system, which can benefit a company's learning resources and which is right at everyone's fingertips: the Internet. But as Stephen explains, careful content curation is key.

What is a learning campaign?

A learning campaign is a series of learning experiences that occur over time and across different mediums that are designed to create behaviour change.

Digital Workplaces and Collaboration

Dr Melissa Bordogna returns to the Learning While Working podcast to discuss social learning and collaboration in the workplace. It's also worth listening to our previous discussion with Melissa on The Future of Work.

What does an instructional designer do?

An instructional designer designs learning experiences that are a combination of interactive activities and supporting resources.

What does xAPI mean for instructional designers?

Megan Torrance from TorranceLearning discusses xAPI and how it can bring instructional designers back to the roots of focusing on learning performance.

LMS Weakness - How do Totara Learn and Glasshouse measure up?

 Elliott Masie recently listed seven worries that senior L&D people have with their current LMS:

The future of learning: Why xAPI is important

Shelly Blake-Plock from Yet Analytics joins Robin on the podcast and talks about how xAPI's data recording reveals streams of experience in learning, and the broad scope of possibilities for the future of learning.

Social learning and xAPI learning systems

What is social learning, and what new opportunities can be opened up when social learning is introduced to the workplace? On the Learning While Working podcast, Ben Betts from HT2 Labs dives into social learning and how it can be used with data analysis for more valuable learning outcomes.

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: Test-driven cultures

 Digital businesses have strong test-driven cultures that L&D can learn from. A test-driven culture means changes are constantly being made, data is being collected and analysed, and the learning from the analysis is being put into place.

What can L&D learn from marketing

What can digital marketing teach us about learning? Karen Moloney from The eLearning eXperts shares the surprising parallels that she has discovered between the two fields.