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Artificial intelligence and machine learning for L&D

If the work that humans do is complex and focused on skills that are harder to automate, for example interacting with people, creative and design thinking, then L&D needs to be more focused on developing skills in:

Designing learning dashboards

This episode is for learning professionals who are ready to dive deeper into their learning data. Robin speaks with Stewart Rogers from Lambda Solutions about framing your learning analytics with visual dashboards.

How to use interactive video for eLearning

 The growth of video eLearning keeps on accelerating. Using video in your learning experiences provides a more immersive experience and gives your learners more context than is possible with just text and images. Video is also becoming easier, faster and cheaper to produce and edit, and bandwidth has increased.

Data driven learning design and digital body language

As learners, do we have our own digital body language and can this be tracked and measured for learning outcomes? Learning strategist Lori Niles-Hofmann talks on the podcast in a discussion about her approach to data driven learning design, which begins with a few very simple steps.

A learning ecosystem model

The 70:20:10 learning model was developed by Morgan McCall, Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo at the Center for Creative Leadership in North Carolina in the mid 1990s. Their research showed that:

Content curation: what L&D can learn from journalism

In this episode, Sprout Labs digital producer and former journalist Tracey Grady grabs the mic and joins Robin in a discussion about audiences, journalism in the digital age, and content that is 'learner-worthy'—did Robin just coin a new phrase?

xAPI has a branding problem

 As I've been doing the series of podcast interviews on xAPI I've decided that it has some branding issues.  xAPI has a simple naming problemEvery time I go to write xAPI, I think, should it be 'ExperienceAPI' (which is technically correct) or 'xAPI'? Should I write 'xAPI (aka Tin Can...

Content curation for learning: beyond the basics

We continue our focus on content curation, this time with Jeevan Joshi from LearnD. An avid curator of podcast content, Jeevan takes us through his pro tips for content curation and explains how well-curated content can help with retention of learning.

What learning can learn from marketing

Marketing is often focused on delivering messages that evoke particular emotions. Can learning campaigns use a similar approach? Mike Taylor from Mindset Digital talks about the lessons that learning can adopt from marketing.

Glasshouse demonstration - September

Glasshouse is a sophisticated HTML5 based cloud authoring platform built by Sprout Labs. During this 30 minute webinar we will: