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eLearning events

Free webinar - Enabling learning ecosystems

Learning ecosystems are a powerful mindset for transforming learning. This webinar focuses on Sprout Labs’ ecosystems of learning technologies. The session will be a mixture of software demonstration and sharing the learning tactics that our platforms enable.This won't be a standard software demonstration.

Future fest - Trends in digital learning

 Learning technologies have a huge amount of promise for improving learning outcomes. Unfortunately, eLearning has become associated with self-paced linear modules that are often slide-based information dumps with a quiz at the end.  During this event, you will learn about projects that Sprout Labs is doing that shift this trend.

Free webinar - Microlearning 101

An interactive webinar that explores what is microlearning, when to use it as an approach, and how it can accelerate learning while working.

The eLearning Superhuman program

A common question that people who are new to eLearning ask is, ‘What skills do I need to make great eLearning?’ Designing high-impact eLearning is a ‘Renaissance skill’. it takes a complex mixture of instructional design, visual communication design and media design.

Designing digital learning with the 70:20:10 learning model - online workshops

 Workplaces are changing and L&D is struggling to keep up with new ways of working and the digital technologies that accompany them. The adoption of the 70:20:10 learning model is one way to increase learning in the flow of work and to increase the effectiveness of blended learning programs. Digital...

Webinar: How to implement an LMS

An interactive webinar about how to implement a learning management system.

Webinar - Developing a digital mindset for L&D

An interactive webinar that will help you develop a digital mindset to able to disrupt learning in your organisation.

Webinar – Designing 70:20:10 learning campaigns

A webinar about how to design a 70:20:10 learning campaign

Webinar: How to make your elearning more interactive

A webinar about designing interactive elearning to increase results

Webinar: Cultivating learning - How to design learning campaigns

 Real behaviour change is hard to achieve. Every year, organisations waste money on learning that doesn’t get transferred into real behaviour change. Learning campaigns are an approach to skill development that takes marketing strategies and applies them to the learning program.